I'm a proactive and self-motivated Senior Graphic designer with more than 10 years of solid working experience in a successful and client-driven environment, designing and creating broadcast quality motion graphics, print and digital projects. Over the last few years I gained plenty of experience while working for clients like HBO, Cinemax, Sony Entertainment Television, Sun Channel Tourism Television among others, as well as advertising campaigns for renowned brands such as Blackberry Latam, Pernord Ricard, CAF, Alcatel, Comcast and Unicef. By combining technical skills, attention to detail and creativity, I always try my best to get the most out of every project I am involved in - whether working on my own or in a team of like minded artists. I am open to new experiences that involve the creation of images, moving or still and always look forward to facing new creative challenges. For possible work opportunities and inquiries, please feel free to get in touch: info@elidelcastillo.com